Intentional Growth

     Growth Needs to be Intentional

     They say that things don't just happen by accident.  I've found that to be true.  Especially things of quality.  When you become a part of the Columbia Christian Church we want you to be involved, we would love for you to serve in some kind of ministry either within for from the church.  Along with worshp we would love for you to take advantage of the many Christian learning opportunities so that you will mature in Christ.  In other words, we are intentional about  your growth and we would love for you to be as well.  There is nothing sadder than lost time, missed opportunities, times wondering"if", and those haunting regrets.  Let's get started now.

     If you are new here as a member, or are interested in seeing what we are all about then you may want to check out our "What We Believe" class.  It runs annually, or on DVD on an as need basis. The class runs for about 6 weeks depending on size.  This unique class covers the basics of Christianity down to exactly what our church is about so that you can get comfortably involved.

Some of the questions answered are:

   Why is Christianity important?   How do I get to know the Bible?        

   What is the Restoration Movement?  What does this church teach?

   How is our leadership and ministry team system set up?

   Why do we take the Lord's supper and baptize people by immersion into Christ?

   What do I need to do to become a Christian?   Why would I become a member? 

     As Minister of Discipleship, I want to see young Christians grow in their faith and mature Christians share the deep faith they have.  I have the ability to test your unique Spiritual giftedness and personality so that together we can find the best place for you to serve.In this way you will find a spot that makes a difference in the Kingdom and doesn't just keep you busy. Classes are offered regularly to do this and plug people in.  If you would like to take the "Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts" class.  Call me and we will let you know of the next class opportunity or make an appointment to get it done individually as time permits.