Community Involvement

Ides Food Packing The International Disaster  Relief Services provides relief to areas affected by natural disaster all over the world.  On of thier services is to provide food to famine enriched areas such as recent shipments to Haiti and Afghanistan.  Missionaries in devestated areas are given bozes of specially formulated food packets to give out with a large measure of Christ's love. We packed in June of 2105, and are scheduled to pack again in June of 2017.  Come join us as we pack about 20,000 meals!



Band of Brothers - hm Men in the Columbia Christian Church have organized  ministry to our commnity called the Band of Brothers.  We build wheelchair ramps for those who cannot do it themselves.  We organized a community work day to build a home for a gentleman that had a house fire called the House of Love, we organized  a special day to refurbish the historic Daniel Trabue House and currently we are joinin forces to help build a home for a famly that lost its parents in a tragic circumstance.  If you have building experience or just want to help out, join us during these hours or volunteer your trade in off hours as well. For questions or to get plugged in call Tim at 270-585-2064




OUTREACH MINISTRY - Columbia Christian church has an Outreach Ministry that finds ways of reaching out into the community with God's Love.  In the past year we have:  Planted seasonal flowers at the Summit Manor nursing home and had a pet parade for the residents.  We also cleaned up our local park after it was vandalized, making it ready for community use.  A growing number of people use our community food pantry.  A young man in our congregation provides a "Birthday in a Bag"  resource for families with children who are having a birthday during hard times.  We made cookie jars full of inspirational messages to place at local businesses so patrons could have a free spiritual snack.  Being pregnant has all sorts of challenges and some go Agape House, our local pregancy center.  We assembled gift bags of encouragement and practical use for Agape to give out.  The Outreach Ministry helped by cleaning up boxes when the school system moved into their new elementary school this Fall.  If you would like to participate in this ministry, or know of a community need please contact Tim Johnson at the church office.




CRUSADE FOR CHILDREN - Every year our church takes up an offering for Crusade for Children.  We believe in our children and love them.  Children are a main concern of the Columbia Christian Church.  Jesus said, "Let the little children come unto me."  He loves children and so do we.  By supporting Crusade for Children we feel that Jesus would pleased.  The date the community selects for this event has not been set as of this writing.  We will keep everyone posted.  Continue to view this page of the website for additional information as it becomes available.